Find (Suchen / Finden)


A search feature is automatically available when previewing a report, via the „Find“ pane. This search is performed in all the pages displayed in the print preview.

This feature is available for the prints performed with the report editor (or with „Reports & Queries“) and for the programmed prints (performed with the WLanguage functions).

Reminder: The print preview is available:

    in the report editor of WinDev, WebDev, WinDev Mobile.

    in „Reports and Queries“.

    when printing reports from a WinDev application.

How to proceed?

To start the search from the print preview:

    Display the „Find“ pane of the preview window:

    Enter the characteristics of the search:

        The sought text.

        Whether the search must be performed on the whole word („Full word“ option).

        Whether the search must be case sensitive („Case sensitive“ option).

    Click the „Magnifier“ button to start the search. The element found is highlighted in green.

    The „Next“ and „Previous“ arrow buttons are used to move between the elements found.


    If the print preview displays a RTF file with images, the search in the preview does not operate.

    iParameterPreview is used to disable the search pane if necessary (iButtonSearch constant).

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